About Us

My love and fascination with tarantulas was born from my fear of spiders. I was a severe arachnophobe for many years but have always loved insects, fish, reptiles and many different animals. I walked into a pet store several years ago and came face to face with a tarantula in an enclosure. My first reaction was shock, followed by fear, then fascination. I was intrigued that I could safely be close enough to observe a creature that had kept me up nights and haunted my dreams. My fascination and curiosity won and that tarantula came home with me that day. As I cared for this tarantula, I saw that this was not the horrible, evil creature from my nightmares. This was a creature with fears of her own who depended on me completely to survive. As I observed her, I found that she was actually an extremely dynamic creature with a sweet personality. I was hooked. I loved her as much as I'd loved my other pets.

Through the years I've collected and loved many species of tarantulas. While some are feisty and some are sweet, they all have amazing personalities! Spiders in general are very misunderstood. I started this business so I could share my love of tarantulas with others, help them gain a better understanding of tarantulas and ultimately help others to not fear spiders by Turning Fear Into Fascination.